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Norclostebol bannerNorclostebol refers to synthetic anabolic steroids and is a derivative of anabolic androgenic steroid Nandrolone. This steroid was developed in the middle of the last century and is available as injections and tablets.

Due to high anabolic activity, Norclostebol helps create attractive muscular bodies and to improve physique. Therefore, this steroid is especially often used by bodybuilders.

Studies have showed that oral administration of Norclostebol helps to stay fit and contributes to rapid muscular growth. This steroid perfectly fits both beginning bodybuilder and advanced bodybuilders.

Use of Norclostebol in combination with a properly selected workout plan quickly helps:

  • increase lean muscle mass;
  • enhance athletic performance;
  • decrease percentage of body fat.

Injectable form of Norclostebol is intended for intramuscular administration. Injectable form of Norclostebol is safer than oral form, because it does not adversely affect the liver and is better tolerated by athletes.

However, as many bodybuilders have noted, Norclostebol injections may cause great discomfort and painful sensations. After repeated injections, nodes of connective tissue appear at the injections site that prevent spread of the steroid.

To avoid discomfort, do not make the injections in the same place more than once or twice a week and do not exceed dosage.

An effective dose of Norclostebol for men is considered 200 to 400 mg per week. If oral form of Norclostebol is used, a daily dose may vary between 75 mg and 100 mg per day.

Norclostebol formula

Herewith, the maximum duration of using this steroid makes 12 weeks.

Recommended doses of Norclostebol for women are different from that for men. In case of the injectable form, a dose of this steroid can make 50 mg to 75 mg per week.

If oral form of Norclostebol is used, a daily dose usually makes 25 mg to 50 mg. The duration of Norclostebol use by women should not exceed 6 weeks.

Women should remember that abuse of this steroid might cause such androgenic side effects as hair growth on the body and face, hair loss, coarsening of the voice. Therefore, when using Norclostebol, women should be careful and not to exceed the recommended dosing regimen.

Men should be aware that use of Norclostebol in doses exceeding the recommended suppresses production of endogenous testosterone that can affect libido and male potency.

Use of Norclostebol in recommended doses reduces risk of these side effects.

It should be noted that Norclostebol could be taken in combination with other anabolic steroids. In this case, the dose of Norclostebol should be reduced to avoid development of undesirable effects.

Today Norclostebol is not available at regular pharmacies. One can buy this steroid in the USA only in a few stores that sell sports nutrition or biological supplements for bodybuilding online.


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