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Stenbolone, also known as INN (by the abbreviated name of chemical formula), was synthesized in 1963, but its production was stopped in the late 1980s. This anabolic was less toxic than Oxymetholone popular at that time. Therefore, athletes began to use Stenbolone as safer steroid to increase athletic performance.

Stenbolone was used in different sports. However, this steroid was especially popular in bodybuilding and powerlifting, as it accelerated body recovery after training by removing excess fluid from the body.

Stenbolone has several positive effects for athletes:

  • prevents conversion of testosterone into female sex hormone estradiol;
  • increases effectiveness of physical training with high intensity;
  • is useful for women and beginning sportsmen for initial program of muscle mass growth.

Stenbolone dose makes 200-300 mg per week, divided into three intakes. Steroid does not cause serious side effects or withdrawal syndrome. Therefore, if the athlete has unwanted reactions, he can stop taking Stenbolone at any time without negative consequences for health.


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