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Prostanozol bannerProstanozol belongs to a group of anabolic steroids developed to treat deficiency of male hormone testosterone in men and women.

This steroid, also known as demethylstanozolol tetrahydropyran, is a modified form of dihydrotestosterone (biologically active form of hormone testosterone).

In 2005, Prostanozol first appeared as a dietary supplement, rather than pharmaceutical drug on the US market. This steroid was in free sale, since it was developed already after adoption of steroid legislation (in 2004).

Later Prostanozol was referred to “designer steroids”. Principles of its prescription and sale have been revised. Prostanozol is a powerful oral steroid, so it has a status of prohibited drug for athletes during competitions.

Despite this, today one can buy Prostanozol online in stores selling sports nutrition for athletes and just fitness enthusiasts. This steroid is supplied in capsules for oral administration.

This steroid enjoys popularity among bodybuilders and athletes because it has anabolic and androgenic effects and helps build muscle mass and increase physical strength.

The principle of Prostanozol action is based on retention of nutrients, salts and minerals, as well as stimulation of the body metabolism. Moreover, this steroid possesses anti-catabolic action, i.e. prevents destruction of muscle tissue.

Use of Prostanozol leads to increase in muscle tissue, physical strength and endurance of the athlete. This steroid does not aromatize in the body and does not have estrogenic activity. Therefore, there is a minimal risk of gynecomastia.

It is established that Prostanozol does not retain excess fluid in the body. This makes it very effective during a cutting phase, when it is necessary to get rid of subcutaneous fat and excess fluid.

The recommended dose of Prostanozol may vary between 100 mg -150 mg per day. Large doses can give an even more anabolic effect, but only in case of good tolerability. The duration of Prostanozol solo course makes 6-8 weeks.

A dose of Prostanozol for women should not exceed 25 mg per day. This dose is sufficient for a significant increase in muscle mass without side effects for most women.

Use of high doses of Prostanozol can adversely affect the overall health and cause virilization. Therefore, women need to be careful.

The duration of Prostanozol solo course in women should be shorter than that of men. As a rule, it does not exceed 4-5 weeks.

Many experts recommend to use vitamin complexes for athletes, as well as to eat well and follow a protein diet during Prostanozol use.


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