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Metribolone bannerMetribolone is an oral, predominantly androgenic steroid. Therefore, an athlete should not be afraid of appearance of signs of feminization of the body during the anabolic use since this steroid does not increase estrogen level. Metribolone improves elasticity of muscle tissue by creating sharper muscle contours.

Depending on location of androgen receptors, Metribolone has two main effects for improving athletic characteristics of a sportsman:

  • stimulation of androgen receptors in muscle tissue leads to increase in muscle volume;
  • influence on androgen receptors of fat cells accelerates lipid metabolism and fat burning.

Metribolone has an exceptionally strong androgenic effect, which combines with very intense anabolic effect. Due to the stimulation of androgen receptors in the muscle and adipose tissue, huge gain in muscle mass and physical strength are achieved for a short time.

Metribolone retains fluid in the body. Since muscle cell absorbs a lot of water, the athletes’ musculature looks smooth and polished.

Strong androgenic effect of Metribolone contributes to rapid body recovery after training. Thus, the athlete might not be afraid of overtraining during the steroid use.

The only negative effect of Metribolone is increased hepatotoxicity. However, compliance with the dosage and all recommendations for use minimizes risk of unwanted reactions.

To maximize muscle growth, a daily dosage of Metribolone can be 0.5 mg to 5 mg. Because of the strong androgenic activity, the total duration of the steroid should not exceed 1 month.


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