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Methyltestosterone bannerMethyltestosterone is an androgen hormone, a derivative of testosterone. This steroid is manufactured in oral form and is available at the US market under the trade names Android, Testred, Metandren, and Oreton.

Methyltestosterone-containing drugs are available as oral tablets and capsules. Some manufacturers supply Methyltestosterone in sublingual and buccal tablets.

For medical purposes, Methyltestosterone is used to treat people with testosterone deficiency, as well as for treatment of breast cancer and other diseases in women.

Since Methyltestosterone has a pronounced androgenic effect, it is very popular among many weightlifters. However, it should be noted that despite high androgenic effect, Methyltestosterone has minimal anabolic effect.

These properties have influenced on the fact that Methyltestosterone is used mainly to improve the athlete’s level of power and physical endurance. In addition, this steroid helps the body to recover much faster after exhausting workouts.

Most often, Methyltestosterone is used by powerlifters, weightlifters, football players to increase aggressiveness before competition and boost physical endurance.

In bodybuilding, Methyltestosterone is used less often, as the steroid keeps fluid in the body and does not have a pronounced anabolic effect.

Despite this, advanced bodybuilders use short Methyltestosterone courses (no more than 8 weeks) in combination with other anabolic steroids.

To enhance sports performance and increase muscle size and strength, Methyltestosterone is recommended to take with steroids that have a pronounced anabolic activity, such as Nandrolone, Stanozolol or Trenbolone.

In solo Methyltestosterone cycle, a daily dose may vary from 50 mg to 200 mg. If this steroid is used in combination with other anabolics, the daily dose should be reduced up to 10-50 mg.

Methyltestosterone use in the recommended doses reduces risk of developing gynecomastia, male pattern baldness and other side effects.

However, in most cases, bodybuilders prefer safer and more effective steroids that have a pronounced anabolic effect.


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