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Use the Most Intelligent SmartShake Everyday!

It seems to us, you’ve long since tired of all these cases, shakers, bags and containers that you have to carry during workouts. But for a true sportsman diet is the basis of his beautiful body! In order to make your life a bit easier use new SmartShake SmartShake shaker that has been already tested and approved by the world’s most famous bodybuilders.

The main advantages of SmartShake SmartShake are:

  • Shaker guarantees leak-proof by special technology
  • It is suitable for both hot and cold drinks
  • Concave sieve with a mesh of 6-carbon forms a cocktail whisk into a homogeneous mass, leaving no lumps
  • Special rifle is used for fastening the key a locker, club card or any other object.
  • SmartShake shaker is made entirely of non-toxic plastic

Design of SmartShake SmartShake shaker

SmartShake SmartShake has the capacity of cup – 500 ml. And each built-in container of cheap SmartShake SmartShake has the capacity of 120 ml. And one of the containers is divided into four compartments for storage of food additives in the form of capsules or tablets. The bottom line of SmartShake SmartShake online available shaker is:

  • The first compartment is designed for the preparation of protein and carbohydrate-protein mixtures
  • The second compartment is used to store mixtures in their powder form
  • The third compartment was designed to power in a tablet form of release

So, to sum up, SmartShake SmartShake has two removable containers, a glass for liquid, a concave screen with the nozzle neck, a cap and a carabineer.

Convenience and other pros of SmartShake SmartShake

SmartShake SmartShake is the most convenient shaker, which will save space in your bag and allows you to bring everything you need. Buy SmartShake SmartShake because its main feature is the presence of three compartments for storage of sports nutrition.

Now imagine that you need to reheat the food bought on the road and you have nothing. And it does not matter if you have a shaker like cheap SmartShake SmartShake created of the strongest heat resistant material! Now you have one shot can kill a flock of birds.

SmartShake is made of high quality environmentally friendly plastic, BPA & DEHP. It is safe for use in a microwave, freezer and dishwasher. Thanks to advanced technologies to address the diversion – 100% guaranteed to be leak-proof, even for hot drinks and ice.

The main advantage of SmartShake SmartShake is compartments in which you can easily store multiple servings of food additives like protein, creatine, vitamins, capsules, and any supplements that you consume. Buy SmartShake SmartShake because this shaker will give you freedom to carry everything you need for the day, all in one shaker! It is much easier than carrying three separate shaker, or worse yet, three separate packages.

You can also store berries, fruit, yogurt, cottage cheese, or even cook oatmeal in the microwave with cheap SmartShake SmartShake.

According to SmartShake SmartShake reviews it is convenient to apply this smart shaker several times a day, 365 days a year. Our dear Olympia athletes have noticed that much easier to adhere to a strict diet when you buy SmartShake SmartShake to use on a regular basis.

Additional features of SmartShake SmartShake

A convenient shaker’s attached carabineer you can attach your keys or mobile phone – now you do not need all the stuff stored in the pockets of sportswear. Also, using the shotgun you can easily attach the shaker to a sports bag.

SmartShake was developed and tested in close collaboration with the team SmartShake: Phil Heath (Mr. Olympia 2011), Jay Cutler (4-times Mr. Olympia), Ronnie Coleman (8 times Mr. Olympia), Adela Garcia (6 times Ms. Fitness Olympia) and Flex Lewis (IFBB PRO).


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