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Norethandrolone bannerNorethandrolone under the trademark Nilevar is the first oral anabolic that has been used to build muscle mass. A pronounced anabolic effect of Norethandrolone is combined with moderate androgenic effect, resulting in increase of muscle mass and physical strength.

Due to the fact that Norethandrolone is equally effective for building muscle mass and increasing endurance, it can be used in various sports disciplines – from athletics to bodybuilding. At all stages of muscle mass growth, Norethandrolone can be combined with other steroids to enhance anabolic effect.

Advantages of Norethandrolone:

  • does not cause hepatotoxicity, so it can be used by athletes with liver dysfunction;
  • provides a qualitative gain in muscle mass both during competitions and in off-season;
  • promotes accumulation of fluid in the connective tissue and, thus, facilitates pain in the athlete’s shoulders, elbows or knees.

To increase athletic performance, a daily dose of Norethandrolone for men makes 20mg – 30mg once daily on an empty stomach. After 3 months of regular use, it is recommended to take a break for 30 days, and then resume using Norethandrolone.

Since Norethandrolone has androgenic activity, the duration of steroid use for women should not exceed 1 month. To avoid effects of masculinization, female athletes should take no more than 5mg – 10mg of Norethandrolone per day.


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